TBPA Committees
Many voluntary positions are available to fill our committee requirements. Committees all report to the Executive Committee/President. These committees have been established to fill the organizations’ requirements in meeting the needs of the membership.
Our current committees include:
  • Executive
  • Programming
  • Manufacturers Committee
    • This committee is organized around the needs of the manufacturing sector of the TBPA. Examples of workshops include:
      • O.C.E.A. Standards and Inspections
      • Legislative Issues
      • New Technologies and Improvements
      • ISO 9000 Certification
      • USDA bag procurement
    • General meeting presentations include topics describing the industry news regarding:
      • Paper
      • Poly
      • Polypropelene
      • Burlap
      • FIBC’s
  • Site
  • Website
  • Legislative
  • Importing
  • Nominating
  • Budget
  • Committee on Elections
  • Promotional Fund Committee